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Yellow Belt: Contribution

Time to complete: 30 days

Who do you appreciate more? The person who always takes from you and is selfish? Or the person who is generous and contributes to your life?

To earn your Yellow Belt, you must make a positive difference in the lives of others. You must contribute in four different ways: to your family, a classmate, your school, and the larger community. Remember, the more you do for others, the more they will appreciate you and the more they will do for you.

Here are examples of what two students did to earn their yellow belt:


Example 1: Mary
Mary did the following to earn her Green Belt:

  • Contribution to family
    For an entire week, Mary washed the dishes for her mother without being asked.

  • Contribution to classmate
    Mary made a mix-CD for a friend.

  • Contribution to school
    Mary baked cookies for the cross-country team and brought the cookies to their meet.

  • Contribution to larger world
    Mary and five classmates organized a walk-a-thon to raise money for an organization that helped refugees in their community.

Example 2: Tyrone
Tyrone did the following to earn his Green Belt:

  • Contribution to family
    Tyrone took his little brother to the mall and a movie.

  • Contribution to classmate
    Tyrone knew that one of his friend’s parents was sick, so Tyrone and four classmates cooked a meal together and took it to that friend’s house.

  • Contribution to school
    With the school’s permission, Tyrone and three classmates painted a mural in one of the hallways.

  • Contribution to larger world
    Tyrone and three friends created a PowerPoint presentation about the genocide in Darfur and presented the information to their classmates. They then challenged their classmates to do something about it.








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