Welcome to the official Teacher’s Guide to Of Beetles and Angels. The teachers who created this guide did so for free and we won’t charge you either. All we ask is that you email us with new ideas or projects that you have. Click on the links below to download the guides you need. We recommend you start with the Introductory Letter. Enjoy!
multimedia links
Mawi's Trip Powerpoint (12.5 MB - make take several minutes to download on slower connections) |
NPR Interview | Mawi in the Media
startersIntroductory Letter | Pronunciation Guide (pdf) | OBAA Final Test
projectsProject Kindness | Project Scene Dep (ELL) |
Project Writing | Project Writing Getting Started |
Word Wall Activity
reading guides & activitiesCharMap Haileab | CharMap Mehret | CharMap Selamawi | CharMap Tewolde |
CharMap Tsege | Reading Guide Ch1-4 |
Reading Guide Ch5-8 | Reading Guide Ch9-12 |
Reading Guide Ch13-Epil | Venn Diagram Example
vocabularyCONNECTS TO Exercise |
OBAA Bingo Sheets | OBAA Vocab Context Key |
OBAA vocab definitions | Vocab Exercise 1 |
Vocab Exercise 2 (level 2) | Vocab Exercise 3 |
Vocab Exercise 4 | Vocab Exercise 5 (ELL) |
Vocab PartsofSpeech (list) | Vocab Sound Match Chart1 |
Vocab Sound Match Chart2 | Vocab Sound Match List
starters zip file (12.5 MB)
projects zip file (28 KB)
reading guides & activities zip file (1 MB)
vocabulary zip file (76 KB)
Mawi's Trip (powerpoint 12.4 MB)
complete official guide zip file (27 MB)

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